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Research paper – Diversity and Inclusion

One continuum, however, is the contribution and progress that both men and women make to our evolving sector which makes up 10% of the jobs across
the globe.

When people were in full lockdown I think humanity realised how important it is to get together, whether that’s with relatives or friends, as part of an interest group or activity, a company conference or a global exhibition like IMEX. These social and commercial interactions bring joy, knowledge and recognition. While these can be mirrored online, they cannot replicate the interaction or emotion of being side by side.

Our survey was timely and thanks to IMEX Group drew responses from across Europe, USA, UK and Asia, thereby giving a truly global perspective.

The findings are incredibly interesting, and I hope will inform and inspire you to continue to positively change how we all work together for the better.

I hope you enjoy.

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