Carina Bauer, IMEX - Mentor 2019/2020

I was a mentor for the 2019/2020 cohort. I found the entire Fast Forward 15 process to be extremely rewarding and professional. As a first time mentor I was supported throughout the process and learnt an enormous amount which I continue to apply in my own life and business. Most heartening, however, was the relationship with my mentee – to be able to guide someone to take bigger and better steps to advance their career and their ambitions is an amazing opportunity and so fulfilling.

Megan Anstee, MAEndeavours - Mentee 2019/2020

Fast Forward 15 helped me reach goals I’d always longed to achieve. Through mentoring, education sessions and being part of such a supportive network, I have learnt how to drive my career forward in a way specific to my ambitions. Truly a career defining experience.

Priya Narain, Boulevard Events – Mentee 2017/2018

Working closely with my fantastic mentor, the FF15 programme allowed me to realise my goals and create the pathway to achieving them. During the programme I was able to build my confidence, create an effective plan and put together two successful live events. I also developed a great relationship with my mentor and the fellow mentees who are a great bunch of empowering women who I am glad to have in my network. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who is looking to take that next step in their career.

Natalie Davies, ITV – Mentee 2017/2018

Fast Forward 15 is an example of mentoring done right. Fay and the collective of inspiring individuals involved in the programme are truly passionate and committed to paying it forward and supporting the future of the industry. For me personally, the programme came to me whilst I was at a crossroads in my career and through the tools and education sessions offered, both my mentor and the wider group supported me in achieving my goals. I would recommend Fast Forward 15 in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking to take that next leap or would like some guidance and support on shaping their future dreams.

Robert Quayle, AstraZeneca - Mentor 2016/2017

I was a mentor in 2016/17 and the journey of reflection, support and sharing was as integral to my own growth as much as the gains my mentee achieved from our connection.

Juliett Price, HBAA – Mentor 2015/2016

Through mentoring others, I discovered so much about myself – that was something I really didn’t expect.

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