19th August 2020 ff15

Wellness and work

I’m a great believer in taking care of yourself physically and mentally and ensuring we all have a little bit of time for ourselves: “me time”. As working women, with busy jobs, families, homes , side hustles, social media it’s all go.
If you don’t look after yourself and be happy “outside” work, then often that will show up “inside” work. Here are just a few of my best tips to stay sane and stay on top.

Make time every day to do one mini exercise. Yes, every day! Don’t say you don’t have time because you can make time and you’ll feel better.
Good options are:

* Dog walk if you have one, if not brisk walk 30 mins.
* YouTube dance workout- I like Pamela Reifs’ 15-minute workout.
* YouTube 10 min workout with Chloe Ting. I like abs shred or booty burn. She has a whole range free and they are about 11 mins you can do these in your front room.
* Not open yet but Ceroc dance – social and gives you a couple of hours of intense dance burn!
These are all quick things you can do at home if you get up a little bit earlier or before you start work if you’re working from home

* Meditation is really great to either energise you or relax you before bed. I like Deepak Chopra’s 21 days of Abundance.
* Books instead of mindlessly scrolling through social. Put it down at no later than 8pm. Maybe pick a book to read and relax depending on what genre you like.
* TV series I get addicted to Netflix’s but it’s great to get into a series. I recently loved – I May destroy you, Snow piercer, Self-Made – the story of Madame TJ Hawker.

* Create an area in the garden that’s just for you. If you have room for it, grow some flowers or veggies or herbs. On the weekend or when you have your work coffee sit there and just admire the beauty.
* Cooking – this is one of my greatest therapies whether it’s sourdough or homemade quiche. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to make something with my family and then eat it. It’s a great way to catch up with friends too over something lovely you’ve made yourself.
* Nail massage or beauty treats. I know it’s a luxury but every now and then treat yourself to a pedicure, a manicure or massage. There are lots of places that are quite reasonable, and this little bit of pampering will be well deserved.
* Friends. Make time for a catch up at least once a week for a chat with your best friend. This is worth a fortune in therapy.

Fay Sharpe