Start with why by Simon Sinek

Review by Alexa Martinez

This month’s book review is written by mentee Alexa Martinez, Manchester Events Manager at St. James Place Wealth Management. She reviewed the book “Start with why” by Simon Sinek.

A book you need on your night stand or one to be given pride of place in your office, “Start with why”  by Simon Sinek is a non-negotiable. The concept of this book is so simple but so often overlooked, in business just as in life we need to start with why. 

By starting with why, your message can inspire others, begin to breed loyalty and even gather enough momentum to start a movement. Brands like Apple and Virgin aren’t popular because of the products they make but because of the way they make people feel. Having a clear understanding of their why ensures a following of people who will buy their products or services, even if it’s not the best or most convenient on the market. Knowing why is the secret to building loyalty and creating raving fans.

Every notable individual, successful organisation or brand in history all began by understanding their purpose and sense of why. Successful events are just like successful leaders and brands. As event professionals, we need to spark feeling through our messaging and use events as a a platform for attendees to internalise why the event is being hosted in the first place. Once our guests grasp the why, they will be able to spread the message far and wide, and this in turn can start a movement. 

Reading this book as an FF15 Mentee has made me feel compelled to make sure that everything I do throughout this programme is in alignment with my why. Every goal that I set and every task on my to do list will be propelled and prioritised by this guiding principle. If you too want to be considered a visionary, a leader, an influencer or an authority in your industry then you must have your why nailed down, and reading this book is great place to help get you started. 



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