Zoë Lucy

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity” – Amelia Earhart. An inspiring quote from a legendary woman. We are often asked for the word that most describes us, I have always used ‘tenacious.’

I have worked in the events industry for 24 years, starting as a promo girl and brand ambassador, then moving quickly to event manager, senior event manager, registration, accreditation, logistics and project manager. Working for countless agencies and brands, I have gathered many contacts and colleagues throughout my career.

Some highlights of my career have been as senior event manager for Samsung at the London and Rio Olympics, senior registration manager for Dell technologies in EMEA, and me and my company working on the G7 and COP26 summits.

My tenacity has been tested many times in the face of adversity, bullying at school, becoming a single mum, and divorce. I have found that with tenacity and hard work the adversity I have faced has brought me enormous experience, success, and growth, and I am grateful for all those challenging times. I am sure everyone reading this has faced adversity in some way, especially during the pandemic and like me they have experienced times of despair. My family business is events. My son has experienced the events industry since he was eight years old, he often travelled with me on tour and on leaving school joined a promotions agency in London procuring staff for their events. I met my boyfriend in the queue for our Olympic accreditation in 2012, so when the pandemic forced a lockdown, my family lost their livelihoods, but most of all, we lost our hope.

I always wanted to start an agency. After all, I have experienced working with most of them but in addition to this ambition, I wanted to start the agency I would like to work with! An agency that thrived on personal relationships, valued the team as much as the client, and created a culture of excellence. My agency would be driven by a greater understanding of all aspects of the process but especially the implementation.

Brands can spend six months planning an event and then handing it over to a staffing agency that fills the role with a body or multiple bodies! This is how we are different….weIMPLEMENT is an event staffing company with a unique and personal approach to recruitment and management. During our time in the field, we’ve accrued diverse experiences and invaluable insights into what truly makes an event or experience successful. We utilise our awareness and understanding to support our clients, suppliers and team with targeted implementation.

Our personal relationships with our team ensure we understand the individual and assign them to roles that highlight their skills and empower them to shine. We’ve created an organic, trusted network of staff (that we call Implementers) and pride ourselves on hand-selecting authentic personalities who are as passionate about events and brand experiences as we are. We are committed to creating a workplace that champions diversity, equality and inclusion within our teams. We specialise in hyperlocal recruitment, which minimises costs, provides a team with excellent local knowledge and reduces our impact on the planet.

You won’t find us preaching to our team from the comfort of our desks. By our nature we lead by example and continue to follow this mantra in our practices and operations. Where possible, we like to be on site, managing from the ground up to ensure we all deliver our client’s vision. We have first-hand experience in every role that we will ever assign to our Implementers. We’ve done the groundwork, earned our lanyards and empathise with every task undertaken in solidarity and agreement with our common interest, enriching people’s lives with meaningful interactions.

After all you need to choose the right partner agency to bring your brand or event to life.