Hayley Nicholson, Event Content Manager at Incisive Media and FF15 Mentee is currently doing a fundraiser, and the 24th September, as part of Organ Donation Week, Hayley will be abseiling 160ft down St Thomas’ Tower for the Guy’s Adults Transplant Team, a community based team made up of transplant & dialysis patients, family & friends, donors and supporters, created to provide Guy’s patients a space for sport, social and support. Hayley supports this community by volunteering her time and managing their social media, charity partners and sports event coordination. This is why she has been selected as this month’s ‘Shero’, read more about her fundraiser below.

“I was introduced to the team pretty quickly after meeting my boyfriend last year. I was amazed at this wonderful group of people who had grown up together through Evelina before entering Guy’s and had been there for each other through the good times and the bad.

The pandemic meant that this community of immunocompromised individuals and families had to go into complete lockdown in 2020-2021. No pops to the shops, no sneaky BBQ’s over the fences. Covid created a very dangerous and life-threatening world for these families.

But, now with the help of the vaccines and anti-virals, we’re on the other side. Still airing on the side of caution but reaching a level of normality. The team is back and meeting up for a whole range of activities, including our annual picnic, football meet ups, and recently, the British Transplant Games.

I’m abseiling down St Thomas’ Hospital (praying that I don’t slip and smack my face on the side of the building!) on 24th September to raise awareness for organ donation, to support the Guy’s Adult Transplant Team and all that they do for this community.

FINALLY: Share Your Wishes – let your family know what you want to happen in case you die. As an organ donor, you could save up to 9 lives. Make sure your family honours your final wish.

If you’d like to donate the Hayley’s fundraiser, head to her just giving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hayley-nicholson-guys-abseil