Anna Peters

Like many people my age I didn’t start out wanting to work in events but I thank my lucky stars that I fell into it. With a background in marketing, advertising and branding, I know just what it takes to quickly get to the core of what someone is trying to communicate but it took me a while to realise that this skill could be transferred to events.

What made me switch to events? After having two children within two years, I was struggling to balance work and home. Working as a consultant for a global rebrand meant long hours and babies in full-time care. I remember one day getting off the train and running to pick them up before nursery shut and crying on the way, thinking, for me, something had to give.

After my contract finished I took some time out. I knew I needed more flexibility but also more joy in my work. After very careful consideration I joined Evolve Events – apart from switching industries, why was it such a big step? Weeeeell, when you’re married to the Director and you’re about to turn it into a family business, you better think carefully! So, what’s it like working with your husband? Actually…it’s not ALL bad! Especially once we’d agreed not to talk work all the time – and found a way not to always be in the office together.

Fifteen years later I couldn’t be happier to be part of the events industry. I’m forever curious and love finding new ways to help our clients tell their story through an event.

And whilst I’m now comfortable representing Evolve, for many years I felt a bit of a fraud; without a traditional background in events I questioned my expertise. Happy to market Evolve but not build my own profile. Of course, during the pandemic all this changed.

I had to push myself to keep our business alive by keeping it visible. I took myself out of my comfort zone and started building a community on social media.  At the beginning, the thought of appearing on camera made me feel a bit sick but I soon enjoyed making connections and talking about our industry. And slowly the joys of this outweighed any doubts, until I was able to press that record button without giving it a second thought.


Our industry has been kicked hard over the last few years and we need to come back fighting. By stepping outside my comfort zone I’ve made incredible connections which has enabled me to launch our own podcast, Gatecrasher, interviewing people behind iconic events such as London Marathon and Notting Hill Carnival.  I’ve forged relationships with new suppliers, built our business and set up a networking group for eventprofs to support each other.

And of course, I’ve discovered wonderful people including the Fast Forward 15 programme. I’m now a real believer in the power of putting yourself out there which is why I’m a big supporter of FF15 and was delighted to share what I’ve learnt about social media with the mentees at their education day earlier this month.