Shero – Alexa Martinez, Specialist on the Partnership Events & Communications Team for St. James’s Place

Alexa will be a familiar face to many of you. Former FF15 mentee, industry podcaster and event aficionado, we originally crossed paths during lockdown when I was doing free French lessons for event professionals’ children whilst the schools were still closed. From the very first moment I saw Alexa with her son on the Zoom call, I knew that she was a fiery ball of energy – giving both so much to her family and her industry that I had no idea how she did it.

And today, that motivated vigour and zest for life continues to shine through. Alexa is not ashamed to admit that she’s always the first one on the mic at Karaoke and plays outfielder on the Jammy Dodgers softball team in the warmer months.

I caught up with her recently to ask her how she really does it; being a leader in the industry whilst balancing being a proud mum for (now!) two lovely kids.

Chloe: Hello Alexa, former FF15 and my Shero! Let’s talk about the programme first. Like me, you weren’t a graduate/event professional at the start of their career when you applied for the programme – why do you think it’s important that mentorship isn’t just for those relatively new to the working world? 

Alexa: Learning and personal development doesn’t stop after graduation. There is always a new lesson to learn or a new skill to develop. Being able to understand how to have challenging conversations, how to priority prioritise my mental wellbeing and learning new time management skills were just a few goals I set myself to accomplish that year. Having someone by my side to coach me, to listen to me, to bounce ideas off of, to celebrate the wins and be a shoulder to cry on was exactly the sort sort of support I needed. No matter where you are in life, no matter how far you think you’ve come, a mentor can be the best friend – or cheerleader – you need.

Chloe: Being a mum and an incredible event planner is a hard combo to juggle! Do you have three top tips for others in a similar position? 


  1. One of my greatest time management hacks has been time blocking. Just like you block out certain days and times to focus on your professional tasks, start blocking out time to focus on your passion project outside of work, quality time with your family and friends and time for a hobby. if you’re struggling to keep on track of the household calendar, I highly recommend the Cozi app. it’s a shared family calendar and allows you to keep track of shopping list and other shared tasks and chores.
  2. You are the most precious resource. Everyone may be fighting for your time and energy whether that’s personally or professionally, but make sure to give yourself time to recharge and re-energise. As they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup. How will you be making sure to fill your cup?
  3. Raising a family can be expensive. So how can we find ways to entertain our children on a shoestring budget and also find ways to treat ourselves? Activities for the kids don’t have to break the bank, why not get them involved in household chores? Teaching them life skills and making them feel like valued members of the family.

Chloe: As my Shero, I am inspired by so much you do. Who inspires YOU, inside or outside the industry, and why? 

Alexa: It’s funny, I feel like I get inspiration from different people all the time and that’s exactly what I want. I never want to aspire to be like someone else but I do want to be inspired to take the best qualities from different people that I meet in my life and always be open to learn from others.

Want to know how to hear more from Alexa? Check out her podcast, Events Obsessed, or find her on LinkedIn.