Newsletter March 2020
Love and Luck

Love and Luck

First of all, to the lovely FF15 community, I want to be honest, this ain’t easy. I can imagine many of you are facing hardships, whether it be work lay offs, freelancers with nothing to do or even worse a member of your family or a friend seriously ill.

I’m not going to tell you to set a goal or some upbeat message, but I am going to urge you to stay positive. There are people who will help you, just ask! This is a time for everybody to support where they can.

While a lot of us are at home, I’m going to do a group mentoring session online so if you’d like to join, please follow me on LinkedIn where I will be releasing the details soon.

I am already so proud of us. As a community, I have seen mentees and mentors who are doing their bit and sharing ideas, thoughts and encouragement during these challenging times! Here’s a little home video from me, along with some nice memories from our second Education Day, where we heard tips from coach Ishreen, tricks for creating home videos and made some vision boards too ( this may all be useful for the times ahead!)

Lots of Love and Luck,

Fay x

TikTok Yoga?

It’s so important to take charge of your mental health during these next few weeks and months. There are lots of live workouts to join online and amazing virtual opportunities to stay well… be it fitness, mindfulness, yoga! Here’s me in my garden with Peanut, my cockapoo, pre-lockdown. (I posted a little video of us on LinkedIn, but using Tik Tok! Something I have never used before…but my daughter’s boyfriend showed me how it works).

Check out my first Tik Tok Yoga>>

Second Education Day

Our FF15 Coach, Ishreen Bradley

Our mentees and mentors were lucky to meet up earlier this month for our second Education Day! Ishreen Bradley, our wonderful coach, shared her tips for dealing with conflict at work. Here’s Ishreen’s video post from the day.

Home Video Tips and Tricks

We also heard from Jamie Rae of BCD Meetings & Events, who kindly shared tips for creating our own videos. A skill we can practise over the next few weeks and months. The key takeaways were:
1. Always film in landscape, not portrait
2. Use natural daylight if you can
3. Do not use zoom (- +) to film…or even for photos

Here’s Lucy Anstie, FF15 mentor, giving video a go.

Vision Boards for the future

The last activity of the day was to create a Vision Board. This is one of our favourite FF15 Education Day tasks. It involves collecting images of the things which inspire, motivate and shape your life.

It acts as a visual aid which can be put on your wall at home to remind you of what you want to focus on… don’t forget a positive future!

Tips for working from home

We’ve seen some helpful articles to help those who are new to video conference calls and working from home! The Guardian are covering topics like:
– Understand the technology. – Dressing appropriately. – Practising good etiquette.

Check out these tips and perhaps you can share (Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter) what you’re home-desk is like and how you are adapting to new ways of working?