Newsletter July 2021
Summer is finally here

Hello from our guest editor:

Georgia Suttie

Summer is well and truly here! The sun is shining, BBQ’s are fired up and with restrictions lifting further we are all undoubtedly feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension.

From my perspective, I certainly feel grateful for some form of normality. This is such an exciting time after being selected to be part of the Fast Forward15 programme. Teamed up with my mentor Toby Whitnell from ARM, we have been able to meet face to face to discuss the first steps of the programme. His insight, expert guidance and motivation will be invaluable in reaching my own personal goals especially after this turbulent 18 months! ​

As a Fast Forward15 mentee group we have virtually started planning our Live Charity Event for March 2022, all pulling together, learning each other’s strengths and weakness and assigning roles where we want to develop certain skills. We are also on the look-out for sponsorship, so if you are interested to get involved contact me! It’s all go right now!

Likewise in the Venue Find and Events industry, confidence is growing slowly. I honestly cannot express how pleased I am to support my Agiito (formally Capita Travel & Events) team and customers safely, mindfully, and sustainably plan face to face experiences over the coming months.

Lots of love,


FF15 Shero’s

Women and men who inspire us with their strength, ambition and fearlessness.
Continuing with our series of FF15 S/hero’s, this month we would like to introduce you to Selina Donald.

I recently had the pleasure of virtually meeting Selina Donald and my what a Shero she is! With sustainability at the forefront of all our minds, Selina’s wealth of experience and knowledge of this hot topic should not go amiss. Do check out her website

Selina’s energy, motivation, commitment to sustainability and honesty about her experiences provided insight of all the highs and lows into running your own business!

In this article Selina shares her journey along with some handy top tips for all you budding entrepreneurs!

Click here to read Selina’s story.

How to create safer events for women

Part of our commitment to deliver any event is to ensure our attendees trust us, and it’s now more important than ever. We all have a responsibility to create events that our are safe for anyone to attend.

In this article current mentee Josie Pether explores how we can create safer events for women and shares her advice on the steps we all need to take to support this initiative.

Click here to read Josie’s article. 

A call for recruiters to stop judging!

As we come out of these challenging times, there will be thousands of people in our industry who were made redundant and have been unemployed for some time. As these people begin to search for work and be invited for interviews, potential employers may be tempted to ask ‘So, what have you been doing since being made redundant? As a community partner of The Hub we wanted to share this article that calls on hiring managers to stop judging and look at what a candidate can bring to the role.

Click here to read the article.

FF15 Book Review

This month we will take a look at the Fast Forward15 Graduation 2020/21 Yearbook.

As I read through these heartfelt exchanges, it reminds me that we all have strengths and weaknesses and with focus, determination and a plan anything is achievable.

I am in awe of these fantastic mentees and mentors who even through a pandemic were able to conquer fears, set up new businesses and smash their goals!

Full of inspirational, motivational and personal accounts from our FastForward15 mentees this truly is a book of achievements.

Take a peak here.