Newsletter January 2020
What's on

What’s on

Welcome to 2020 and our new-look newsletter. As ambitious women in events, we want to keep you up-to-date with the very latest news from our network, as well as tips and insights to help you smash your goals. Hear from our founder, Fay Sharpe, along with interviews from our mentors and mentees. And have you ever thought about podcasting? Or setting up a new dating experience? Find out more in this month’s issue. Don’t forget, applications for our 2020/21 programme are now open and there’s an exciting announcement from the class of 2020…

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What it takes to succeed

If you’re thinking of starting a new project this year, professional or personal, then take a look at this video with FF15 founder, Fay Sharpe. Fay explains why she started FF15, her key drivers and how to make the most of life’s opportunities.

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Try out podcasting

From short stories and inspiring talks to education and politics…Podcasts continue to be a staple source of entertainment and content! Our very own mentee, Sarah Skavron was asked to co-host on the topic of career journeys and found it to be a great way to share her ideas.


The “men” in mentoring

In an FF15 interview, 2020 mentor Toby Guest explains the challenges of being a man on an all-women mentoring programme. See what he means by “Gender guilt” and “Mansplaining”…


Planting trees for FF15

Renee Binyon, mentor and Director at Weekend in the Country, invited a few mentees, mentors and volunteers to her patch of land in the west country. They created a piece of (sustainable) history by planting 125 silver birches. Five special trees were plotted in a circle to celebrate 5 years of FF15. The tree carries ancient wisdom, yet appears forever young.


Dinner date? Mentee sets up new concept for singles

Lizzie Staiano, former mentee, is causing a stir on the dating scene and has set up a dating dinner party with a changing guest list, cuisine and location. If you’re bored of swiping and would rather meet someone face-to-face then check out Lizzie’s fabulous new concept…