Newlife Heroes: Leia’s Story 

For this month’s Shero, we wanted to celebrate some of the most incredible heroes in society, Newlife. Newlife, The Charity for Disabled Children, is our charity partner for Fast Forwards 15’s 2024 fundraising event. Newlife is a UK-based charity committed to transforming the lives of disabled and terminally ill children. They provide essential equipment and support, ensuring children across the country receive the specialised resources they need for daily living. Newlife’s crucial work not only enhances the quality of life for children but also offers families much-needed relief. Newlife’s work has helped countless families over the years, we wanted to share with you just one, the wonderful story of Leia.

In the quiet suburb of Barnet, a three-year-old named Leia faced unimaginable challenges due to a rare form of mitochondrial disease. Born with difficulty producing energy at a cellular level, Leia encountered developmental delays, epilepsy, and severe muscle weakness, rendering her unable to sit, walk, or talk. Her recent kidney transplant at Great Ormond Street Hospital marked a turning point, thanks to a generous donation from her dad, Tom.

Leia’s journey towards recovery, however, faced a unique hurdle. The absence of a suitable supportive seat meant Leia would have been confined to bed during her crucial recuperation period. Enter Newlife!

Newlife swiftly responded to Leia’s needs, providing a specialised supportive seat called a P Pod. This ingenious solution not only facilitated Leia’s initial recovery but seamlessly integrated into her family life. Tom expressed his gratitude, stating, “The P Pod from Newlife allowed her to sleep and chill while being fully supported and still be with us. It was a great help.”

Beyond the immediate impact on Leia’s recovery, the P Pod became a cherished fixture in their home. Tom highlighted its versatility, sharing, “The seat itself is easy to move anywhere we need it and even into the garden, so she can always be with us, and we can keep an eye on her, or even safely leave her for a few minutes if we need to.”

This heartwarming story of resilience and support showcases the crucial role Newlife plays in transforming the lives of disabled children. By providing essential equipment and unwavering assistance, Newlife often acts as a beacon of hope for families like Leia’s.

To learn more about Newlife or make a donation, check out their website.