Shonali Devereaux

Presenter, host, interviewer

Does 25 years in the business world make Shonali a dull woman? Hell, no. She has run her own company. She has led a team that raised up to £10M for charity. She gained an award-winning master’s degree as a mature student. She has done a TEDx talk. And in her spare time, she acts.

Her work on national and international large-scale events (ranging from the Olympics to the Political Party Conferences) and in fundraising (with the British Heart Foundation and Pride) has made her a proficient networker, stategiser and a solution-oriented person. Leading teams of up to 40 employees and 200 volunteers has proven she is a motivator, empowerer and coach.

And now? She runs As a speaker, presenter and author, Shonali passionately believes that the principles of improvisation can be used to spur innovation and empower individuals to be their best selves. She uses these principles to catalyse change for clients and emcee and host great debate at events.



Instagram / Twitter: @profeshonali

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