Renee Binyon

Director – Weekend in the Country Ltd

Renée is the founder and owner of Weekend in the Country, which specialises in providing the perfect venues and unique activities for unforgettable celebration weekends, in the country. Over the past 10 years, tens of thousands of people have enjoyed the perfect big birthday, family get-together or hen weekend in a stunning cottage, quirky glampsite or fabulous hotel. They have been entertained and inspired with fantastic activities from bush tucker trials to wild gin making and posh frock & welly walks. 

Her main priorities are new product development, marketing and all things digital. Always innovative and creative, the company aims to set trends in activities and themes, by being ahead of the competition in offering something completely different that captures the imagination of potential guests. Renée’s latest project is an activity app developed for Weekend in the Country’s customers which is currently being re-branded for a wider tourism and leisure market. 

Renée has entrepreneurship in her DNA. She has almost always worked for herself and thrives on being in charge of her own destiny. Prior to starting Weekend in the Country, she was a successful management consultant and project director with a large network of freelance Associates working on training and quality programmes. Renée herself ran the most complex and high-profile projects. Always keen to support and encourage others, Renée ran seminars for her network members to help them improve their business strategy, marketing and sales as well as courses for those thinking about making the ‘great escape’ to set up their own business. 

Whilst running her consulting business and network, Renée was a popular speaker and writer on independent and collaborative working, and the future of work. Regularly quoted in the press, she was featured in People Management, Human Resources, & Director magazines, as well as the subject of a documentary on TV. 

Renee Binyon