Newsletter May/June 2020
Graduation special

Words from Fay…

The class of 2019 have graduated and despite not being able to enjoy our usual 3-course lunch celebration, it was a very special (virtual) affair!

It also got me thinking… why is this such an integral part of our mentoring programme?
I think it’s because, as an industry, we are obsessed with future planning, be it another event or chasing the next business lead, how often do we get that sense of completion?

Graduation is, therefore, more than a celebration; it’s one of the few times when we recognise and acknowledge when something is complete and what it took to get there.

I urge you, whether you are part of our programme or not, to take stock. If you feel like you’re not progressing, just stop. Write down achievements from the past 12 months. It could be small, like good feedback from a client, or staying sane during a global pandemic (we all deserve something for that). Whatever it is, you’ll see that you have come along way. And you deserve a graduation too.

Lots of love,

Fay x

Final places for the annual FF15 Charity Event…

Our mentees have been working for months to plan a fantastic evening to raise money for FF15 and Girls Rock London. The event is going virtual with all the fun, excitement and fundraising brought to you online. You can register your place here.
Date: 18th June – Time: 6 -7.30pm

Graduation video

It’s been an interesting and rewarding year. For the FF15 class 2019/2020, there have been lots of successes as well as challenging times for all with the COVID-19 crisis, however our community always comes together to help and support. We have created a video snapshot from our mentees and mentors, watch now.

FF15 Shero’s

These are our FF15 Shero’s. Women who inspire us with their strength, ambition and fearlessness.

In the first edition of Shero’s we’d like to introduce one of our first year founding FF15 mentors, Dr Jackie Mulligan. Having worked in academia and leading international research projects, she discovered a passion for small enterprise and community and hated to see the decline of local businesses.

This led her to pack up her academic career and start ShopAppy enables communities to browse and buy local with easy click and collect after hours. Since Covid-19 the business has pivoted to include a local delivery service. Although it has been hard work, Jackie feels a sense of purpose and urgency that drives her and her team forward. Read more of Jackie’s story.