Newsletter February 2020
Tips, Advice, Apply for 2020

What’s on

This month has been full of excitement! Firstly, tickets are now on sale for our annual FF15 charity event. You’ll see what our amazing mentees can do with a £0 budget. Secure your place ASAP and look out for all the teasers over the coming weeks! Secondly, we’re announcing the fantastic new mentors for the 2020/21 programme, including MD at The Savoy. There’s still time to apply, so check out the tips on what makes a good application and if you need some inspiration, Forbes have released their list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. Could you be next?

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Still Time to Apply!

When it comes to career progress, we can all get a bit ‘stuck’. Big ideas, dreams of success and goals which seem just out of reach. Well, maybe it’s time to do something about it. Applications for 2020/21 are open until March 6, 2020. The full list of mentoring categories can be found here. What’s stopping you?

The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women

Forbes announced their list of 100 female trailblazers, women who are claiming leadership positions, taking global action and making a positive difference to the world. These women have authority, they’re standing up and speaking up in a world where women’s voices need to be heard (our Queen E proudly takes the #40 spot).


What Makes a Good Application?

If you would like to apply for our 2020/21 programme, we recommend reading the tips from current mentee, Rachael Kenny:
– Spend time on your application, don’t rush it. – – Be open about your struggles and your motivations for applying.
– Really think about what you want out of the programme, where do you see it taking you in 12 months.

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M&IT Magazine: 5 Years of FF15

FF15 is celebrating 5 years of success. We remain to be the only unique governed programme with training for mentors and mentees, monthly one on one sessions, scheduled drop-in clinics, a charity event organised by mentees, and a full range of opportunities to speak, network and develop skills. And we’re only getting stronger!


Power Women: Event Careers Live!

FF15 founder, Fay Sharpe, and current mentees Diana Frederiksen, Eleanor Harding, Megan Anstee and Rachael Kenny formed a fabulous panel at Event Careers Live last month. They shared their experience on the programme and what it has done for their careers. These are the power women to watch!


Behind the Scenes! How to plan an event with £0 budget?

FF15 is not all about individual goal setting and achievements. Our mentees are tasked to run a fundraising event with a huge budget of …£0. It’s a test of teamwork, communication, leadership, time management and organisation.Our mentees regularly share their progress as they prepare for the biggest challenge of their event careers! See how they get on as we build up to the big night…

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