Floss Clifford

Creative Director – We Are Simply Better

Floss is a self-taught, self-grown (ironic at 5ft2), intensely passionate Creative Director for an award-winning creative engagement agency.

With a career that’s continuously adapted and evolved, she’s spent the last ten years successfully developing everything from employee engagement strategies, brand activations, huge creative projects and culture programmes for some of the UK’s biggest and most innovative brands.

Passionate about people and pioneering, Floss sits as part of the agencies Senior Leadership Team and continues to craft & shape the business direction with deep commercial insight.

She uses her spare time to develop her education and in 2016 spent two years studying Psychology. She’s trained in communication tactics and undergone a training programme around Developing SME businesses management structure’s and OD to refocus and grow into Larger Business Markets…learnings she’s undertaken to continue her professional and personal development journey.

And whole-person development is her primary focus in life and what drives her daily. With a deep-rooted belief that we should always be evolving and learning, Floss has ambitious plans for herself and others and helps people focus on their challenges in life and reframe them into their motivations, not setbacks. It’s her time spent struggling with PTSD, and separately, her time in a wheelchair that made Floss understand just how important attitude, mindset, belief and sheer determination can be.

But in a nutshell…positive, passionate, talks too fast, swears too much, surrounds herself with brilliant people, has big expectations and is looking forward to having some fun during this year’s programme.

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