Confidence in the community

The Fast Forward 15 Community is alive with inspirational, successful people. Grace Louisy asked mentees and mentors past and present for their top tips on feeling confident.

The Fast Forward 15 Community is alive with inspirational, successful people. Grace Louisy asked mentees and mentors past and present for their top tips on feeling confident.

What gives you confidence?

Shonali Devereaux: Ironically the sense of confidence grew after cancer; going through that meant I didn’t sweat the small stuff afterwards.

Tinique Hay: My WHY gives me the confidence to keep going. Knowing that there are many entrepreneurs who are in need of my support to help with the growth of their businesses. There was a reason WHY I started Hay Events and there is a reason WHY I am determined to build an everlasting legacy in my family’s name.

Fay Sharpe: Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and challenging myself. Even this weekend I’m doing a Wim Hof ice challenge!

Alexa Martinez: Confidence is the feeling you get when you know your purpose and are moving in the right direction.

Name a time you’ve felt most confident.

FS: Climbing five days over Salkantay Pass and Machu Pichu or surviving for five days in a forest to raise money for The Royal British Legion.

SD: When I got my Masters’ certificate. I did my Masters as a mature student whilst working part-time. I went straight into events without an undergraduate degree, facing years of prejudice when applying for jobs. I graduated with a distinction and an award.

Charli Briggs: Hitting ‘submit’ on Companies House to set up Eventure – I never imagined I’d be here running my own company in a million years!

FS: When I’m on stage doing my thing! Smashing it at this year’s session on Personal Brand!

What are you most proud of this year?

SD: One of the things I am proud of is that out of her team of experienced emcees, Samme Allen of chose me to open the Meetings Show this year, introducing a hero of mine, Lord Sebastian Coe. As a lecturer, one proud moment was watching my students graduate – this year I was a finalist for Teacher of the Year (out of 800 lecturers) and one of my students thanked me personally in the graduation speech.

TH: I am most proud of taking the leap of faith at the beginning of this year by leaving my full-time job in events to go full-time in my business. I am also extremely proud to have won Business of the year and young entrepreneurs of the year!

Gabby Austen-Browne: Launching Diversity Alliance and the Diverse Speaker Bureau. I’m proud to have a business that has social impact and has the possibility of leaving a real legacy, long after I am gone.

CB: Winning ‘Rising Star of the Year’ at the CN Agency Awards earlier this year and handing out an award at the C&IT Awards.

SB: Life is full of little confidence boosts, though – and it is important for us to take the time to soak up when we feel that way and let it sit comfortably with us. Everyone has a reason to be proud of their achievements, no matter how large or small.

AM: This year I got my UK driver’s license, bought my first house got my first ever mentor all whilst learning to be a mum of two. So many big achievements that I had written down as goals for myself over 2 years ago that finally came true! I manifested them, I made them happen and the fact it took this long made achieving them so much sweeter.

Morag Alabaster: I am lucky there have been a few! Watching you grow and find yourself and set a clear vision for all areas of your life. My consultancy work for a struggling restaurant brand that is now flying! Resettling after living in Crete, buying a new house and turning it into a beautiful home.



As another fantastic year in the Fast Forward 15 community draws to a close, there’s certainly lots to celebrate.


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